“Studio 10” follows the off camera drama of a British soap opera filmed in studio 10.
“The Estate” is a long running soap opera but recently viewing figures are beginning to plummet. Steve the progammes director needs to do something drastic to restore the shows popularity. He plans to air a live show and kill off one of the shows main characters. Word begins to get round the set and tension rises between the actors who will be written out? Will it be the long serving Kevin, a two times best actor at the British Soap Awards who has recently fallen out of the public eye? Or will it be Jason a new commer to the show who has been a hit with the public via his popular social media accounts? There’s just as much disfunction happening behind the scenes. Annabell, Steve’s long serving assistant has had enough. Her hatred for Steve has consumed her she needs to make him pay for her emotional torture. She plans to sabbotage the live show framing the director, ruining his career.

A short film made at the university of bradford by real students and real actors… it’s real good.



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