Made In Bristol : Promotional Video

Part of my work with Made TV was to write, shoot and produce a promotional video for their channel in Bristol to make the people of Bristol aware that a new station would be entering the air waves and it would be something that they had never seen before. Bristol has had a troubled history with local TV time after time many start ups have failed. However this time, due to the new government initiative it should run smoothly and be quite successful.

So the promo…

It had to embody the channels ethos but also look inviting, engaging and show off Bristol. It took me a few goes before the guys in London were happy with it! Here they are !

The 1st attempt:

Bristol looks great but, you’re probably cringing or taken aback by the two minutes of pure cheese. Needless to say they wanted more. Back to the edit suite I went.

The 2nd attempt:

OK, so, better music but still pretty cheesy. I didn’t know what else to do, I was trying to make a professional promo so I was looking towards corporate videos and adverts to inspire me. A major problem was the voice over so in my next attempt I got rid of that.

The 3rd attempt:

Again the guys in London weren’t happy, it looked like a tourist advert. It didn’t make the channel look different or special, it was safe. Something serious needed to change if I was going to get this right!

The 4th attempt:

This time it was different, I decided to produce something that I wouldn’t see on BBC 1 something edgy and dangerous. After all this was to get people talking about the station, interest people and press alike. So I wrote a script and decided to present it because voice overs didn’t seem to be the right way to go.


It was a hit everyone loved it! Although it’s a tiny bit libellous it did the job it got people interested. Finally I was happy with my work! Let me know what you think !

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