The Sandwich That Sam Killed Sandy With : Filmmaking at University

This is the first fully scripted and story boarded short film I made at University. The task was to retell a story taken from a news paper, a fable or film and retell in around two minutes.

As it was the first day of class, nobody knew each other so we awkwardly got in to groups of about 5 and set about looking for inspiration. Keen to make something unusual I loaded up the website for the Metro news paper ( and headed for their “Odd News” section which is a collection of the worlds weirdest news.

Straight away we were met with a perfect story of a man being arrested for assaulting his wife with a sandwich. The headline was all I needed, instantly the narrative appeared in my minds eye. A crazy man and a talking sandwich …

To make use of the editing techniques that we were about to learn we were only allowed to use one actor, our film included 6 parts.. It was to be a labor of love, what began as a slightly ambitious film resulted in several nights in the editing lab spent following tutorials to achieve my desired special effects.

Looking back on it now it was actually very useful I know understand Final Cut Pro 7 much better if I hadn’t challenged myself to make a sandwich and various other images of food speak.

As with any group project at university the commitment of your colleagues can’t always be relied on so it fell to me and Usman to do most of the work, in fact, all of it. Nevertheless we got it finished and this three minutes turned into something that I would be fiercely proud of. Making this film allowed my confidence to grow in my ‘vision’ as a director and editor, even if I wasn’t quite skilled enough to achieve my vision just yet.

Please click through the rest of my blog to see more short films and promos that I have made and tweet me or leave a comment if you have any tips, suggestions, or critiques


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