Sky Sports HD : Soccer Saturday.

One of the highlights of my summer was my opportunity to tag along with Soccer Saturday camerapersons and riggers. I was able to tag along for two matches at two different grounds : Yeovil Town and Birmingham City.

Unfortunately I never got to go to Reading’s ground and meet Chris Kamara, the resident pundit of whom I am a huge fan mostly because of his energy and ease in front of a camera which from all accounts was a god given talent. Perhaps I hoped his talent might rub off on me a little bit.

Here's me sitting in Bianca's (the reporter / pundit) shot.

Here’s me sitting in Bianca’s (the reporter / pundit) shot.

Kamara aside, I had a great time and it allowed me to see the the Sky Sports staff in action. Having only heard professional talk back in the BBC Points West it was valuable to experience it in a different location, especially being out side and in a noisy football ground. I also helped to de-rig a HD fibre cable, very carefully though as I was told numerous times how expensive it is! On top of that I got to watch a match from the gantry!

Opportunities like these are essential for anyone in my position to see how skills that we acquire at University are applied to real life situations. One thing that really drilled home was how multi skilled everyone was, all of the people working on the Sky output (apart from the sat truck operators) had other jobs which required a whole other set of skills. It made it clear how broad my own skill set needs to be and if I wasn’t interested in a particular facet of broadcast media I would be disadvantaged at some point in my future career.

Some shots from Yeovil Town

Some shots from Yeovil Town

Putting football in as TV production context evoked an interest I never thought I had. Having spent most of my life avoiding the game suddenly I was interested in where the gantry was, what that meant for the pictures. I found my self at my local football ground (Stoke City) enjoying a game!

A good experience, lessons learnt and eyes opened!


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