Programme Treatments

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 14.01.03

My programme treatment thumbnails can be viewed here: Made in Bristol – program treatments #1 (will download in .docx format)

I created these treatment thumbnails as a record of all of the programme ideas that I have devised over my time with Made Television both for my records and theirs. Theres nothing worse than having a lightbulb moment in passing conversation then not being able to develop it properly because it’s slipped from memory just as quickly as it had appeared.

It was important for Made TV to test that I had the fundamental creative flare that being a producer requires and it was important to challenge myself to devise fully functioning formats, also developing those ideas that arose from meetings with potential presenters and personalities. I was asked to show examples of shows that I felt embodied the Made TV ethos of ‘never seen before’ television that challenges the conventions and standards of established channels.

Admittedly; to systematically generate multiple thought provoking, ground breaking programmes in a short amount of time is no menial task. Therefore, some formats embody the ethos more than others. However, the formats do show promise and could function on a commercial channel such as Made in Bristol. They can be viewed by following this link: Made in Bristol – program treatments #1 (will download in .docx format)


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