The Bradford Club – UNESCO project.

I produced this short film as part of my Sound & Visual Media module. I was placed in a group of five people from various media production courses, our objective was to create a short factual piece about a location in Bradford to be used by UNESCO to promote Bradford to location scouts and to be shown on the big screen in Bradford town centre.

We pitched our ideas to secure our preferred location which as a group we decided would be the Bradford Club, however, personally I would have preferred an outdoor location which would have involved more challenging camera work.

The groups and the role of producer (who made all of the final decisions) were decided by the module tutor. I think this was a pretty good thing, it taught me a lot about compromise such as having to work with different skill-sets, working speeds and expectations. I also learnt the importance of ‘real estate’ in a collaborative product, by which I mean the amount of time or space dedicated to a persons idea. To influence the project to take on the form of something more than a standard informative piece I had to prepare a case with examples of script and story board. As I was the only one to do this the films voice, as a result, is at times lost and the imagery half formed.

My concept was to create a sense that the club is a ‘journey through time’, after all, it would be used as a period location as it had been recently for The Great Train Robbery (2013). However, my producer didn’t share that vision completely and the piece seems to have a confused narrative only progressed by the owner describing the various uses of the club and its facilities to the camera.

My role was mostly as a director and cameraman. Camerawork is something that I quickly had to become more comfortable with as up until this particular project there was always someone more competent with a camera than me.

With more freedom I would have had a more ambitious narrative maybe taking the form of a “Most Haunted” style and create a discourse of information about the club that way. Failing that I would have at least liked to present it to make the piece more engaging. Unfortunately for me my producer had very strong inclinations to be ‘safe’, there’s nothing wrong with that, I just find it more exciting to push my limits and challenge conventions when i’m making a film.

I’m pleased with the final product and it’s definitely an achievement to have a piece of work used as a reference point for location scouts and shown on the Bradford big screen in centenary square.

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For more info on the Bradford Big Screen click here !


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